CF-188 Hornet


The CF-188 Hornet, commonly called the CF-18, is a multi-role fighter aircraft. It is used for air defence, air superiority, ground attack, tactical support, training, aerobatic demonstration, and aerospace testing and evaluation.

The Hornet is a fast, light and manoeuvrable aircraft. Because of its power, speed and target-tracking capabilities, it has had great success in many military operations in Canada and around the world.

Length 17.07 m
Wingspan 12.31 m
Height 4.66 m
Empty weight 10,455 kg
Maximum standard thrust per engine 4,850 kg
Maximum afterburner thrust per engine 7,290 kg
Maximum speed Mach 1.8
Range 3,700 km
  • Bagotville, Que.
  • Cold Lake, Alta.
This aircraft is used for
  • Fighter
  • Air demonstration


Three aircraft fly in formation in a blue sky under a bright sun above the cloud cover.

Canada’s Air Task Force completes mission in Romania

Since 2014, Operation Reassurance has been key to demonstrating Canada’s commitment to our NATO allies.
January 6, 2020


CF188 Hornet ALSE - Epilogue

On 24 August 2018, it was discovered that an Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE) technician at 433 Tactical Fighter Squadron, at 3 Wing Bagotville, Quebec, had shared their Maintenance Release (Level A) personal identification number with technicians in the section, on numerous occasions, in order for other members in the ALSE shop to sign for, and certify as airworthy, ALSE equipment work processes within the unit.
August 24, 2018


CF188796 Hornet - Epilogue

Two CF188 pilots (call signs Mig-1 and Mig-6) completed individual Maple Flag missions uneventfully in the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range and returned to base together as a two-ship formation.
June 20, 2017

Accident site

CF188747 Hornet - Epilogue

The pilot of aircraft CF188747, using the call sign “Swift 32”, was part of a two-ship formation led by “Swift 31” for an air-to-ground training mission.
November 28, 2016

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