CH-146 Griffon


The CH-146 Griffon utility tactical-transport helicopter supports the tactical transportation of troops and materiel as well as search and rescue operations, surveillance and reconnaissance, training, casualty evacuations and counter-drug operations.

The Griffon features GPS-satellite navigation and Doppler-radar systems. It can also be fitted with a variety of equipment, including self-defence weapons, a powerful searchlight, and a hoist to extract people and cargo from almost any terrain.

Length 17.1 m
Rotor span 14 m
Height 4.6 m

Maximum gross weight

5,400 kg
Maximum speed 260 km/h
Range 656 km
  • Bagotville, Que.
  • Borden, Ont.
  • Cold Lake, Alta.
  • Edmonton, Alta.
  • Gagetown, N.B.
  • Goose Bay, N.L.
  • Petawawa, Ont.
  • Saint-Hubert, Que.
  • Trenton, Ont.
  • Valcartier, Que.
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Seen from above, a helicopter with a stylized head of a gyrfalcon painted on its side flies over a body of water.

430 Tactical Helicopter Squadron: Proud and engaged

In spite of frequent deployments, 430 Tactical Helicopter Squadron has retained its experienced personnel. Its secret? The Quebec-based unit is tight-knit, taking pride in its unique language and culture—and in a job well done.
August 27, 2019

CH146477 - Griffon

CH146477 Griffon - Epilogue

The crew of the CH146 Griffon was tasked to transport a replacement generator into a repeater antenna site within the 4 Wing Cold Lake Air Weapons Range. The main rotor blades made contact with the obstruction lights and support bracket at the top of the 96 foot tower.
December 13, 2018

CH146432 Griffon

CH146432 Griffon- Epilogue

The occurrence involved a Griffon helicopter from 424 Transport and Rescue Squadron (search and rescue configuration) with a six person crew operating out of the Opa-Locka airport, near Miami, Florida.
February 28, 2018

Four climbers display a flag on the summit of a mountain.

RCAF service, summiting mountains are complementary passions, RCAF captain says

Captain Antoine Labranche, a CH-146 Griffon pilot with 438 (Ville de Montréal) Tactical Helicopter Squadron and an avid mountaineer, has just summited three legendary European peaks.
October 4, 2016

CH146485 Blade damage

CH146485 Griffon - Epilogue

427 Special Operations Aviation Squadron (SOAS) were on deployment to 12 Wing Shearwater, NS to conduct a Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM) Maritime Security Operations (MSO) training mission.
September 29, 2014

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