Canadian Forces Aircrew Selection Center

Attention: Important Notes

Your point of contact for Canadian Forces Aircrew Selection Center Headquarters (CFRG HQ) is the Aircrew Selection Center (ASC) Coord, (CSN 270-7330), who coordinates processing of all aircrew candidates, and course loads Airborne Electronic Sensor Operator (AESOP) candidates for the Aircrew Selection Centre (CFASC). 

All Candidates are encouraged to arrive well-rested, alert, and healthy, as the aircrew selection testing is cognitively demanding. All candidates must read the Candidate Guide, and are also strongly advised to review basic high school math before writing the tests.

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AESOP Administration Instructions for Recruiting Centres and Detachments


Section One:  Processing AESOP Candidates

Annex A:  Travel Arrangements

Annex B :  Sample ETA/MOT message

Annex C:  Travel Claim Expenses

Annex D:  Joining Instructions

Annex E:  Map of Base

Section One:  Processing AESOP Candidates

AESOP candidates go to the Canadian Forces Aircrew Selection Centre (CFASC) in Trenton, Ontario where they will undergo 4 hours of aircrew selection testing.


1. Nominate candidate

Send nominations for candidates to attend CFASC for AESOP testing to CFRG HQ/ASC Coord.

2. Make Travel Arrangements for Candidate

Once the course loading message from CFRG HQ//ASC COORD is received, book the required travel arrangements for the candidate. See Annex A, Travel Arrangements.  Rations and Quarters at Trenton will be booked by CFASC.

3. Prepare Travel Claim

All candidates must be issued a travel claim by their recruiting centre.  This is their authority for undertaking travel as aircrew candidates.  It also makes it possible for the CFASC Chief Clerk to amend their travel arrangements if required (this cannot be done if candidates do not bring a travel claim with them to Trenton).  The travel claim is also the basis for issuing candidates a cash advance (which they will require to pay for bus travel to Trenton).  See Annex C, Travel Claim Expenses.

4. Brief candidate thoroughly, and give them the following items:

Ensure candidates understand that they must:

  • read Joining Instructions

7. ETA/MOT message must be sent to CFASC by message or fax no later than the Thursdaypreceding the week of selection. (see sample message at Annex B) Message must include the following:

  • SN, Rank, Name, First Name, Gender, Language, and Entry Plan.

CFASC fax number:  com 613-965-7397
CFASC Chief Clerk phone number: 613-392-2811  local 7401

Annex A: Travel Arrangements

Using the financial coding provided on the course loading message, book flights for the candidate to and from Toronto (Pearson International Airport).  The course loading message includes candidate name, course number, dates, and finance codes (Internal Order (IO) number, Financial Code (FIN code), Transaction Authentication Number (TAN) *).

Flights to Toronto should be booked for the Wedneday (for candidates travelling from B.C.) or Thursday ** preceding the Friday testing day.  Return flights shall be booked no earlier than 1800 hrs Friday evening.

Megabus departure times from Toronto PIA should be considered when making flight bookings so as to minimize wait times or to avoid missing buses.

Confirm times bus leaves Pearson Airport for Trenton. (Call Megabus at 1-866-488-4452.)

* Tan numbers are one-time codes used for booking flights; if a candidate lives close enough to the Trenton area to NOT require flight bookings, his or her course loading message will NOT include a tan number.

** Flights booked for Thursday should arrive at Toronto no later than 1100 hrs.

Candidate travelling by train should have a return ticket to the Belleville station, and then take a taxi to the Yukon Lodge at CFB Trenton. Make sure that candidates have enough money (approx. $25 each way) to pay the taxi to/from the Yukon Lodge and the Belleville train station.

Candidates should purchase their own return Megabus tickets (Pearson to Trenton) on-line prior to departure for Pearson airport.  Further details may be found in the Joining Instructions for AESOP Candidates, Section Four: Transportation Instructions.  Typically, the bus for Trenton leaves the airport daily at 1140 hrs, 1900 hrs, and 2100 hrs.   

Web Travel Links





SUBJ: ETA/MOT INTAKE 2007033A FM 3 – 5 MAR 07

  1. A11 222 333 BLOGGINS MARK, M, E, PLT 32U
  2. A. ARR TORONTO 2 MAR 07 AC8688 AT 1030

B. DEP TORONTO 5 MAR 07 AC 8668 AT 1800

  1. TAN NO JMC0001122 COST 800.00 LOC BBEECC

Annex C: Travel Claim Expenses Pilot/AEC Candidates

Travel Claim Expenses AESOP Candidates

Candidates are expected to pay cash for all commercial expenses including cab fare, meals, and bus transportation from Toronto PIA to Trenton. 

Table C1 details the expenses of a typical AESOP candidate booking for a Friday intake. In this example, the candidate arrives Toronto PIA on a Thursday (day 1). Candidate completes CFAST testing at CFASC Trenton on Friday, and takes the Megabus to Toronto Pearson Airport late Friday afternoon, and flies home on Friday evening.  

TABLE C1: AESOP Testing Intake

Expense TypeDayItemLocationRemarksCost $
Travel Thursday (day1) Bus fare Toronto Pearson-Front St. Variety Store Trenton 47.00

(day 1)

Cab fare Trenton Front St. Variety - 8 Wing 15.00
Travel Friday
(day 2)
Cab fare Trenton Yukon Lodge-Front St Variety 15.00
Travel Friday
(day 2)
Bus fare Trenton Front St Variety to Pearson  47.00
Meals Friday
(day 2)
Dinner Toronto As per ref below 45.00
        Total cost **
(**not including incidentals)

Travel claim expenses will vary case to case. For example, many candidates will arrive by PMC or Train. In any event candidates must be advanced $200 cash to cover most of their travel expenses.

Annex D: Joining Instructions

The Joining Instructions for AESOP candidates are available on the CFASC Internet website.  Because these instructions are updated on a regular basis, it is best to print the latest version for candidates’ use rather than reverting to a hard copy on file that may already be out of date. 

Annex E: Map of Base

Map of Base

Map of Base