RCAF Bands Schedule

2017 Schedule

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* engagements not open to the general public

August 7 Winnipeg, MB Canada Games Spitfire Kings
August 12 Penticton, BC Penticton Peachfest Parade Parade Band
September 9 17 Wing 2017 MFRC Fall Fair Command Brass and Jet Stream
September 15 Winnipeg, MB United Way Herc Pull Command Brass
*September 16 Winnipeg, MB Hubble Awards Command Brass
*September 16 Grand Forks, ND, USA United States Air Force Grand Ball Jet Stream
September 17 Montreal, QC Montreal Alouettes Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Appreciation Vocalist
September 17 Winnipeg, MB Battle of Britain Parade Parade Band
*September 28 Hamilton, ON 424 Squadron 75th Anniversary Gala Jet Stream
September 30 Edmonton, AB Edmonton Eskimos Military Appreciation Vocalist
*September 30 Winnipeg, MB 170 Royal Canada Air Cadet Squadron 75th Anniversary Command Brass
*September 30 Winnipeg, MB 1 Candian Air Division (CAD) Gala Jet Stream
October 1 Edmonton, AB Edmonton Eskimos CAF Appreciation Vocalist
*October 2 Ottawa, ON Governor General Ceremony Jet Stream
October 7 Roland, MB Roland Pumpkin Fair Piper
* October 14 Winnipeg MB 402 Squadron Gala Dinner Jet Stream
October 30 Winnipeg, MB

Frankenstein: Live soundtrack performance and viewing of the 1931 Boris Karloff Movie (PDF, 781 kb)

Wind Ensemble
November 2 Ottawa, ON

CAF Appreciation Night at the Canadian Tire Center (Detroit Red Wings vs Ottawa Senators)

Spitfire Kings
* November 4 Winnipeg, MB Air Cadet League 150 Gala Command Brass
* November 4 Brandon, MB Brandon Military Ball Jet Stream
November 11 Winnipeg, MB Remembrance Day Full Band
November 11 Montreal, QC Montreal CAF Appreciation Night Vocalist
November 11 Winnipeg, MB

Canadian Football League CAF Appreciation Night

Vocalist and Bugler
November 21 Winnipeg, MB Opening of Manitoba Legislature Parade Band
*November 23 Winnipeg, MB Women’s Canadian Club of Winnipeg Luncheon Command Brass
*November 24 Shilo, MB Mess Dinner Command Brass
November 30 Winnipeg, MB 402 Squadron ACSO Graduation Parade Parade Band
December 1 Southport, MB 3 CFFTS Graduation Parade Parade Band
*December 1 Southport, MB 3 CFFTS Mess Dinner Command Brass
December 11 Winnipeg, MB RCAF Band Christmas Concert RCAF Band and Wind Ensemble