Chief Warrant Officer of the Royal Canadian Air Force

Chief Warrant Officer Gérard Poitras, MMM, MSM, CD

Portrait of the Chief Warrant Officer

Chief Warrant Officer Gérard Poitras, MMM, MSM, CD

Chief Warrant Officer Gérard Poitras is a native of Tracadie, N.B., and enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces as a traffic technician in 1983. Following graduation from trade training in March 1984, he was posted to Canadian Forces Base Chatham, N.B.

Promoted to corporal in 1987, Chief Warrant Officer Poitras deployed to the Golan Heights and upon his return, was posted to Canadian Forces Base Baden, Germany. Promoted to master corporal in July 1990, he was posted to 5 Air Movements Unit (AMU) in Lahr, Germany and then to 412 Squadron Detachment, also in Lahr.

In 1993, Chief Warrant Officer Poitras was posted to 2 AMU in Trenton, Ont., and completed the CC-130 Hercules loadmaster course in 1994. He was employed as a tactical loadmaster and search and rescue loadmaster until 2002. He was then posted to 426 Training Squadron in Trenton, first as the standards warrant officer and then as the chief loadmaster instructor.

During this period, he completed the CC-150 Polaris loadmaster course and flew operationally on both the Hercules and Polaris aircrafts. In July 2005, he was posted to 437 Transport Squadron where he was employed as the squadron warrant officer. This was to be his last operational flying tour; he was promoted to his current rank in June 2007 and posted to the newly-reactivated 429 Transport Squadron in Trenton.

Since being promoted, Chief Warrant Officer Poitras has held the positions of Joint Task Force Afghanistan Air Wing chief warrant officer in Kandahar; wing chief warrant officer at 12 Wing Shearwater, N.S.; Canada Command chief warrant officer and chief warrant officer of the Canadian Joint Operations Command, in Ottawa, Ont.

He was awarded the Canadian Meritorious Service Medal in September 2011 and was appointed to the Order of Military Merit in March 2012.

During his career, Chief Warrant Officer Poitras has accumulated approximately 4,500 flying hours and deployed on countless operations in Canada and overseas, both as a traffic technician and loadmaster.