CH-149 Cormorant


The CH-149 Cormorant is a long-range helicopter dedicated to search and rescue. It can operate in severe conditions, making it ideal for Canada’s challenging geography and climate.

The Cormorant can carry up to 12 stretchers or a load of 5,000 kilograms. Its advanced systems provide a stable hover for critical hoisting operations. It has helped rescue mountain climbers, lost hikers, shipcrews and more.

Length 22.8 m
Rotor span 18.5 m
Height 6.5 m
Maximum gross weight 14,600 kg
Maximum speed 277 km/h
Range 1,000+ km
  • Comox, B.C.
  • Gander, N.L.
  • Greenwood, N.S.
This aircraft is used for Search and rescue


An orange twin-propeller aircraft in flight

An overview of our search and rescue aircraft

SAR Technicians use many different kinds of equipment to do their job, but they rely on aircraft to transport them where they need to go to save lives. Here are the aircraft that Canadian SAR Technicians use in their everyday work.
September 24, 2020

Two men in orange coveralls lean on a bunk in an aircraft.

Woods hike not the ideal SAR

A ten-hour walking rescue tests the mettle of RCAF SAR Techs.
September 14, 2020

Engine Compressor

CH149906 Cormorant - Epilogue

Helicopter CH149906 was conducting a normal take off to a 10 foot hover.  Three seconds into the take off, at approximately three to four feet above ground, the crew heard a clunk followed by "Master Warning" and "Engine Fail" tones.
August 7, 2013

Cormorant CH149910

CH149910 Cormorant - Epilogue

A technician was carrying out a torque check and nut replacement of the bolted connection between the Main Gearbox (MGB) upper case and main case when a lock-ring stud failed in overload.
November 16, 2012

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