Read about the day-to-day activities of the men and women who serve in the Royal Canadian Air Force, as well as learn about the RCAF’s proud history and heritage in our journals, our Wing newspapers and other publications.

RCAF map

View the location of RCAF wings and squadrons across Canada on the RCAF map.


View infographics for RCAF aircraft, activities and ranks.

Flight Comment

The flight safety magazine of the Canadian Forces. It covers lessons learned, instructional articles and reports on accidents.


View RCAF themed calendars.

Aerospace Doctrine

The RCAF's fundamental principles and proven practices for conducting air operations.

Air Power Studies elibrary

The Royal Canadian Air Force’s collection of contemporary air-power publications.

Royal Canadian Air Force Journal

The Royal Canadian Air Force’s forum for discussing concepts, issues and ideas that are crucial and central to air and space power.


View the newsletter of Canada’s Air Reserve.

RCAF PERSpectives

RCAF newsletter focused exclusively on our people.

Canadian Military Journal

Articles on security and defence policy, strategic issues, doctrine, operations, force structures, the application of technology, equipment procurement, military history, leadership, training, and military ethics.

NATO Skywatch (English only)

Skywatch is the magazine for people working within the NAEW&CF.

Community Newspapers

3 Wing Bagotville, QC Vortex (French only)
4 Wing Cold Lake, AB Courier (English only)
8 Wing Trenton, ON Contact (English only)
12 Wing Shearwater, NS Trident (English only)
14 Wing Greenwood, NS Aurora (English only)
15 Wing Moose Jaw, SK Prairie Flyer II
16 Wing Borden, ON Citizen
17 Wing Winnipeg, MB Voxair (English only)
19 Wing Comox, BC Totem Times
22 Wing North Bay, ON The Shield
Ottawa, ON Guard of Honour
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