438 Tactical Helicopter Squadron

438 Tactical Helicopter Squadron is a Total Force Air Reserve Squadron located at St. Hubert, Quebec.

Equipped with CH-146 Griffons, 438 Squadron supports the various militia elements in the region.With a typical staffing level of over 60-percent reservists, 438 Squadron typifies the Total Force concept in which highly trained Reserve Forces are relied upon to augment regular CF units for international commitments and domestic operations.

438 Squadron had its roots as a fighter-bomber squadron during World War II. At that time, it flew Hurricanes and Typhoons. After the war, it was equipped with Vampires and Sabres , becoming 438 "City of Montreal" Squadron Reserve .

With unification, it took on the role of an Air Reserve Squadron based at CFB Montreal flying the CC-123 Otter and CH-136 Kiowa aircraft. In January 1996, the Kiowas were retired from service and that April the Squadron took delivery of its first CH-146 Griffon.


The complete squadron history is available on the National Defence, Directorate of History and Heritage website.


Contact Information

438 Tactical Helicopter Squadron
PO BOX 100 Stn Bureau-Chef
Richelain QC  J0J 1R0

Squadron badge

Going Down

Significance: The wildcat represents the squadron's nickname. The motto is taken from the last instructions of the formation leader when the Second World War Typhoon fighter bombers of this unit were about to attack.